Professional and experienced, MOSGM ‘s friendly staff are equipped to assist you across all aspects of your gardening and landscaping requirements. We pride ourselves on designing landscapes that will be enjoyed, and represent your brand values.

Breathing life and adding colour, soft landscaping can be considered the finishing touches added to your garden after each paving slab has been laid, or decking constructed. What sets us apart from other landscapers is our knowledge and expertise as to which plants will work best for your garden and its unique position; considering surroundings and colour schemes.

Fully diagnostic, our staff are trained to advise you about which plants will thrive in your area. We also recommend water requirements for your plants and turf, checking for pests and diseases that may have intervened and suggesting and implementing methods to control issues. We take care of the intricacies so that your clientele can thoroughly enjoy your garden and outdoor space.

Committed to continuity, we have a set of guidelines for existing clients so that we can be sure that all outdoor spaces associated with your brand reflect the same values and aesthetic as others.

We have an extensive knowledge of drought tolerant plants & turf, and can install drip line irrigation to create the necessary microclimate to give your plants a chance to flourish.