MOSGM take our planting seriously and can provide extensive services from planning your colours and designs to the removal and replacement of existing plant schemes. We can advise you which plants will be the most effective in your area, considering the geographical location of your gardens and how to get the best out of your plants.

Adhering to your choice of colours to create brand identity, or happy to advise you on these elements, we can implement a colour scheme to suit you and how your clients perceive your outdoor space.

Similarly, if your properties require planting for utility, such as security, our expert team will recommend plants to suit the purpose. An example of this is the planting of ornamental prickly plants as a deterrent to entering premises. We can consult and advise how to achieve this, whilst still promoting an accessible brand.

Whether you would like us to design and implement the entire garden, or follow your brief and guidelines, we offer services to match your requirements.